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December 2011

Miami Herald Publishes Article by Miami Partners

Robert Mayer and Robin Taylor Symons Provide Workplace Tips for Getting Promoted

Robert Mayer and Robin Taylor Symons, partners in the Miami office, co-authored an article for the Business Monday section of the December 5 edition of the Miami Herald entitled "Strong Employee Traits Can Often Lead to Promotion." 

"Stand-out employees can advance - even in this economy.  At some organizations, working your way up the corporate ladder is clear and objective; at others, the track is more opaque."  Mayer and Symons provided  subjective and objective factors that are often taken into consideration with candidates competing against equally talented peers for a limited number of opportunities.  Employees can distinguish themselves by consistent demonstration of these attributes:

  • They show up.
  • They anticipate.
  • They give their best work.
  • They treat everyone with respect.
  • They exceed expectations.
  • They make their enthusiasm known and have an elevator speech at the ready.
  • They develop their own franchises.

"Employees who want to advance commit to hard work, long hours, collegiality and professional development.  They have an excuse-free mindset, keep track of their successes and learn from their mistakes.  It is a lifestyle choice."

To read the complete article, please click here. 

Robin Taylor Symons