Who We Are

Women's Initiative

The Women's Initiative at Gordon & Rees is committed to providing leadership, inspiration, and opportunity for women. The Women’s Initiative was created to facilitate the advancement of women at Gordon & Rees and, thereby, help advance the opportunities for women in the legal profession overall. Throughout the firm, a wide range of best practices programs focus on networking activities, speaking engagements, business education, and mentoring advice to help develop leadership competencies, management skills, and business generating abilities critical to the professional development of women lawyers, indeed all lawyers, which is vital to the success of the firm. Emphasizing these priorities ensures that women are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills required to take advantage of more and better opportunities. The success of our Women’s Initiative enables Gordon & Rees to achieve an important goal of attracting and retaining women lawyers and helping them succeed in their professional goals.

Women's Initiative Fast Facts
  • In 2013, women represented 40% of Gordon & Rees attorneys and 22% of partners
  • MultiCultural Law Magazine ranked Gordon & Rees as 16th in its 2012 list of "Top 100 Law Firms for Women"
  • Every year since 2005, at least 35% of attorneys have been women
  • Every year since 2005, at least 18% of partners have been women