FDCC 2011 Winter Meeting: Mercedes Colwin and Elizabeth Lorell Present Employment Law Updates

January 2011

The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel 2011 Winter Meeting will take place February 26 – March 5 at the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, California. On March 2, New York and New Jersey Employment Practice Partners Mercedes Colwin and Elizabeth Lorell will be participating in a panel discussion titled "Beware: The Hidden Dangers in Employment" for the Employment Practices and Workplace Liability substantive law section. Ms. Lorell is the Chair of the section. Ms. Colwin and Ms. Lorell will address cutting edge employment trends and topics such as social networking, workplace bullying, immigration, fair labor standard act class actions, dealing with the media, mediation, mitigating fee shifting, and best practices to protect companies, law firms and clients from being sued.

The 2011 Winter Meeting will also include presentations on environmental issues featuring panels on "green" construction, energy, and water; the significant changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and new pleading requirements in federal and state courts; the current state of e-discovery; and the impact of technology on jurors.

About the FDCC: Founded in 1936, the Federation is an international defense organization dedicated to the principles of knowledge, justice and fellowship. The Federation is currently made up of almost 1,100 defense counsel members, corporate counsel members and non-attorney administration and defense of civil litigation members. The Federation has members from all 50 states and 15 countries.

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