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August 2010

Promises and Perils of the Polanco Redevelopment Act

CA Lawyer Publishes Article by Jason Meyer and Ana Hartman

In 1990, the California Legislature enacted a measure to encourage private parties to develop properties around the state that are idle or are  underutilized because of real or perceived environmental contamination.  The statute, commonly known as the Polanco Redevelopment Act, accomplishes this by alleviating most of the legal and financial risks associated with cleanup.  Although this law has had the intended effect of getting polluted property cleaned up and redeveloped, it is rife with perils for unsuspecting owners.

To help clarify the roles, responsibilities, and potential liabilities of various parties under the statute, San Diego Partner Jason Meyer and Associate Ana Hartman published an article entitled "Clean Up that Mess!" in the "Expert Advice" section of the August 2010 issue of CA Lawyer.  To read the CA Lawyer article, please click the PDF below.

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Ana R. Hartman
Jason F. Meyer