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January 2013

Gordon & Rees Launches Privacy & Data Security Practice Group

In conjunction with Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28, Gordon & Rees has launched its Privacy & Data Security Practice Group.

“Throughout our 27 offices in 18 states, many of our 500-plus attorneys have been handling various matters in this and related fields for several years,” says national practice group leader Andy Castricone. “However, the continuing evolution of Internet and mobile technology and the free flow of information, along with associated privacy, consumer protection, and data security laws, warranted the development of a dedicated group of specialized practitioners to assist clients across the country. Privacy and data security breaches, detection, investigation, and response could cost our clients millions of dollars. This new practice group will address their needs should such breaches occur as well as show them how to prevent those problems from happening in the first place.”

Gordon & Rees’s Privacy & Data Security Practice Group combines an interdisciplinary team of attorneys with extensive backgrounds in:

  • business formation;
  • risk management;
  • commercial transactions and litigation;
  • intellectual property;
  • consumer protection;
  • employment;
  • health care;
  • finance;
  • insurance; and
  • entertainment and social media.

Combining such skills in a national practice group with regional practice group leaders, attorneys in Gordon & Rees’s Privacy & Data Security Practice Group provide legal services in the following areas:

  • all aspects of litigation including arbitrations, class actions, and state/federal court proceedings across the country;
  • Federal Trade Commission and State Attorney General investigations of data, privacy, information or security breaches/violations;  
  • compliance, audits, and risk management;
  • establishment of privacy policies, programs, and procedures;
  • crisis management and related advice;
  • counseling on information handling, including e-discovery;
  • email and telemarketing regulation;
  • security breach management;
  • employee training; and
  • regulatory inquiries and investigations.

As part of such client services, the Privacy & Data Security Practice Group will communicate, comment, and present seminars on legal developments in this area, including evolving federal and state rules and regulations, newly published case decisions, and industry practices and updates. To subscribe to the group’s newsletter, click here.

The Privacy & Data Security Practice Group also will regularly post and comment on breaking news and current events via Twitter (@gordonreesllp; @andycastricone) and LinkedIn.  

National Group Leader

Andy Castricone (; @andycastricone)