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May 2013

Gordon & Rees Trucking & Transportation Group Expands 24/7 Rapid Response Team for Catastrophic Accidents

In conjunction with National Transportation Week, Gordon & Rees’s Trucking & Transportation Group has expanded its services to provide a multistate 24/7 Rapid Response Team. Our skilled lawyers are available any time, day or night, to respond immediately to catastrophic-accident issues involving trucks, buses, common carriers and heavy equipment. 

The Gordon & Rees lawyers on the Rapid Response Team are able to assist carriers, insurers, shippers, public entities, or waste management groups with a quick response to the accident scene.

Gordon & Rees partner Jeffrey Swedo, co-leader of the 24/7 Rapid Response team, said, “Our lawyers are licensed to practice in 38 jurisdictions throughout the U.S. We have relationships with top third-party experts in this field, and can respond with them to document and assess the accident scene.”

Gordon & Rees’s 24/7 Rapid Response Team will:
• counsel and protect your driver;
• arrange for local adjusters, accident investigation experts, and criminal defense counsel; 
• manage claims involving statutes and regulations;
• deal with the unique issues of hazardous material accidents; and
• handle media relations and requests from investigative authorities.

Combining extensive know-how and the necessary resources, Gordon & Rees’s 24/7 Rapid Response Team can provide the support you need now to manage a catastrophic event, and make the difference later between conceding liability and winning a defense verdict.

For rapid response assistance, please contact Gordon & Rees partner Jeffrey Swedo.

Jeffrey Swedo
Co-Chair of 24/7 Rapid Response Team
Southern California
Office Direct: (949) 255-6981
Mobile: (949) 400-5350
Licensed in California.

Jeffrey A. Swedo