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Nov 2018 - Publication
Brewery Near Me: Why You Should Name Your Brewery After a Location and Related Trademark Considerations
Practice: Food & Beverage, Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition
Aug 2010 - Publication
Clark v. Superior Court (Nat. Western Life Ins. Co.) ? No Trebling of Restitution Award Under Unfair Competition Law
Practice: Insurance, Unfair Competition
Jul 2010 - Publication
California Court of Appeal Rules on Operation of Statute of Limitations for Unfair Competition Claims
Practice: Class Action, Commercial Litigation, Unfair Competition
Jul 2010 - Publication
The California Supreme Court Disallows the Anti-Trust Pass-On Defense and Permits an Injunction Under the UCL Despite the Lack of Monetary Damages
Practice: Antitrust, Commercial Litigation, Unfair Competition
Mar 2010 - Publication
Positive Developments in California Case Law on Class Certification after Tobacco II
Practice: Commercial Litigation, Unfair Competition